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April 2014

Hari Tahil
S.U.N. Network Teacher, visiting from Tokyo, Japan
4th - 13th Apr

Raju Bouchard
Healer / Spiritual Leader
14th - 29th Apr

Zeo Sheehan
Divine Channel
28th Apr - 4th May

Relax, Rejuvenate & Re-Energise with YOGA

Yoga teaches us to journey within, to return to the present moment. Life is so busy that we rarely get a chance to slow down and become aware. Through asana practice and breathing exercises we can invite a deeper sense of well being, balance and clarity into our daily lives.

Hatha Yoga involves asana practice, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. The aim being for the mind and body to work together in harmony, in union...[ more ]

Class Schedule:
Every Monday & Thurday Morning - 11:00am - 12:13pm
Every Monday Evening - 7:00pm - 8:15pm
Every Tuesday Morning - 10:15am - 11:30pm ( Beginners )

Why Take a Reiki Class

Reiki is very versatile and effective in assisting with physical and emotional problems. Imagine being able to take care of family members when they are stressed, tired, suffer from headaches or stomach aches, or hundrerds of other complaints that you would normally try to dismiss or take some kind of chemical for.
What about yourself? You can use Reiki to help you when you need to relax, or when you need to concentrate. You can use Reiki to ease period pains. You can use Reiki if you have a hangover. Many people use Reiki to assist with sport performance, creativity, or to help them study...[ more ]

What is Ku Nye?

Ku Nye originated from the ancient kingdoms of Tibet over 3900 years ago and is a practice indigenious to the Tibetan Medical tradition. Earliest Tibetans practiced Ku Nye through the diagnosis and application of specific infused oil or substances extracted from butter to treat the person's imbalance or constitution. Tree brances, sticks and stones were widely used as part of therapy to exert pressure on different parts and points of the body in order to restore the individual to a state of health and wellbeing...[ more ]


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Your Monthly Horoscope

3rd Month
5th Apr - 4th May 2014

This is an extremely busy period for you. There is so much business or projects pouring in each day. But you will reap reward of every effort you have contributed. You will easily have conflict with people. You are also easy target of gossips. You need to take criticism easier. Don't let this bother you. You will have ailment with skin and digestions. This could already happen before the month starts.

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