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News and Events:

Psychic Consultant David Taylor
Visiting 12th to 15th July 2016
Phone 4648 4991 to book a session
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Helen Forty - Healer, Reader & Shamanic Practitioner
Visiting 20th to 25th July 2016
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Usui Reiki Level 1
with Jacqueline Yu
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Nejang - Tibetan Healing Yoga
with Jacqueline Yu
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Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Traditional Tibetan Medicine is a science and an art, dating back to antiquity. Although it has some superficial similarities with both Indian Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Tibetan Medicine actually has a genesis, history, and development of its own - rooted in the Tibetan lanscape, the indigenous culture, and the spirit of the Tibetan people.

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Reiki is an energy modality that works with the body's own remarkable healing capabilities. It helps to promote and accelerate the natural healing process and restore balance on all levels, physical, mental and emotional.
Reiki is totally safe and complementary to any form of treatment, be it natural or conventional, and can often be used in circumstances where other therapies may be contraindicated.

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Yoga are the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that aim to transform body and mind.
The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. It is derivation of the word yuj, which means yoking, as in a team of oxen. In contemporary practice, this is often interpreted as meaning union. Yoga is said to be for the purpose of uniting the mind, body, and spirit.

Monday Evening: 7pm - 8.15pm
Tuesday morning: 10.15am - 11.30am

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Retreat & Trekking

Twice a year, in spring and autumn we organise yoga treks or healing yoga & meditation retreats to Nepal. Whether you are looking to take time off for yourself, deepen your yoga practice, visit monastries or just soak in the beautiful energies and sights of the Himalayan mountains, your trips will benefit the local communities through our Himalayan Ray Project to provide educational support to the impoverished children from remote Himalayan region.

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your monthly horoscope

7th Month
7th Aug - 6th Sept 2016

This is a slow and uninspiring month for you. You aren't motivated in things you do. However, your wealth luck is positively charge. There are many investment or business opportunities. Manage your temperament and get going. Don't miss the opportunity. There are much gossips and conflict. Avoid troublesome matters as much as you can. You may encounter incident that would cause you bleeding or injuries.

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