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Harnessing the magical power of precious stones!

24k Gold - Pure gold delays skin aging and has remarkable effect to improve freckles and pigmentation, activating cell regeneration and reduce fine lines.

Diamond - using carbon crystals ingredients of diamond, otherwise known as a girl's best friend, to gently remove dead skin cells, encouraging skin metabolism and reveal clear, fresh and transparent skin.

Pearl - containing amino acids and natural minerals, pearl has a whitening effect, prevents aging and skin problems such as freckle, rash, pimple, etc.

Gemstone Therapy Facial*
90 mins/S$188

Using nature's best kept secrets, combining gemstones, minerals, plant derived collagen and a delicate blend natural herbs to give your skin the best nurturing care to clense, purify, enhance skin elasticity and vitality. Not only treating the skin, the precious stones also emits negative ions to boost your positive energy and enhance your well-being from inside-out.

* the appropriate serums and gemstone mask will be chosen according to the needs of your skin
* includes shoulder & Tibetan head massage


Using Skindom Nature & Science - Natural skincare from Korea!


Tibetan Shell Massage for Face*
40 mins/S$88

This unique treatment is the answer to boost your complexion and your energy! Using the luxurious and nurturing touch of mother-of-pearl shell in the facial massage to instantly add radiance & lift the skin. An ancient Tibetan secret for ant-aging, this massage work wonders to improve fine lines and wrinkles. A revitalizing and rejuventating mini-treat!

* includes shoulder & Tibetan head massage