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Monthly forecast of chinese horoscope

10th month
7th November - 6th December 2017


You will start the month with a slow pace and little progress. Work load may add on from the second half of the month and you will be busier. Ride on the momentum and catch up with the slack. You are capable of attain much in the second half of this period.


Many of you will have good reputation and have opportunity to grow in fame. This will bring you mentors and opportunity. You may reap reward of their effort during this 10th month. Continue to sow during this period will bring you good harvest next year.


This 10th month favors your career development. You will meet opportunities to advance in your career or position. You will have excellent interpersonal relationship which will aid in networking. You need to be caution of diet.


This 10th month, you will receive dividend, interest or profit for your investment. You will also make progress in your career. This month is important to strengthen your immune and improve on any chronic issues as health can be a concern in the following months.


This is an unstable month for you. There are instability and unexpected changes or development. Avoid executing new plans. There is some conflict and gossips. Be firm with your stand but be tactful when dealing with people. For those who have ailment with kidney or urinal track system, you need to be extra caution and seek medical assistance immediately if unwell.


This is a favorable month for you. You will have good interpersonal relationship and good financial luck. This is an ideal time to network and seek for new opportunities. There are more opportunities in foreign land. Your immune is weak and are prone to flu and cough. .


This is a month to make changes and adjustment for you. This will also include commencement of new plans or starting something new. You are good with short term investment as you will have some unexpected fortune.


You will have fantastic interpersonal relationship during this period. You are well liked by people and your ideas are easily accepted by others. However, your inner-self may not feel as good as your external appearance. Managing your inner thoughts and be at peace with yourself.


You need to be caution when making decision. Many opportunities will surface but few are good. There seems to have many helpful people but few are genuine. You need to be extra caution of personal safety. You are prone to ailment related to gum and teeth.


This is a good month for investment. You will make profit easily. You may also receive returns from long term investments. There is also mentor to assist in financial matters. As a whole, this is a financial harvesting period. Most of you are in good health.


This is a busy month for you. You will be engage with endless problem solving as the month starts but matters will lighten at the end of the month. You may have differences with loved ones. Soft approach may ease tension. You are prone to ailment with skin, lung and allergies.


You will feel unstable in temperament. Your pessimistic and loneliness will overrule your logical mind. Avoid hasty decision. Work load will increase as the month progress and this may curb your negative thoughts as you focus on work matters. Exercise will help to reduce stress.


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