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Monthly forecast of chinese horoscope

12th month
5th January - 3rd February 2018


You will start the month with heavy work load and busy schedule. However, the later part of the month is more relaxing. You will have more personal time towards the end of the month. You will have excellent interpersonal skill and are well liked in all occasions.


You will have excellent interpersonal relationship and in a cheery mood. Your network will bring you new opportunity. You will meet mentors to resolve difficult issues.


This last month of the year is a busy month for you. Work load increases and there is not much help. You will have to hands on during this period. Your digestion is weak. You will need sufficient rest and maintain a balance diet to keep healthy.


You will have excellent interpersonal relationship. This is an ideal time for networking and strengthen relationship with friends and loved ones. This is a month for ploughing which also indicate hard work. Result or award will not be harvest as yet. You might need to wait for a few month to reap reward.


This is a good period to commence new plans or projects. Although you will not receive result or have any benefit as yet but things will progress according to your plan for the next few months. And reward will follow. You will have many social activities. This is a good time for networking too.


This month calls for hard work. There is little help available. You will have to depend on yourself. However, your effort will have favorable returns. You are prone to ailment with stomach and digestion. Effort is required to maintain good health. Also, minimize raw food during this period.


You will still be working hard in the last month of the year. You are happy with the heavy schedule at work. However, you are very much affected by gossips and rumors. You will experience some swing of temperament.


This is the time for you to slow down and have more serious thoughts of your plans you have for the coming year. A break from routine will help to de-stress and have a clear perspective of matters. There is some unexpected fortune towards the end of the month.


The last month for the year, you will receive many praises and acknowledgement of talent and effort. If you are waiting for news or result, you will receive a favorable outcome. You are prone to influenza.


This month, your immune system is impaired. Make more effort even before the month starts to boost your immune system. You will also need to watch your diet and digestion and stomach will cause ailment. Slow down and don't make any hasty decision during the last month of the year.


This is a month to maintain consistency. Many of you may also slow down as the month progress as workload is lessen. Avoid executing new plans as there are uncertainty. You must try to have sufficient rest and sleep.


You will start the month with a busy period with tons of workload. However, you are capable of accomplishing the task and meet deadline. The end of this period is slow and relax. Watch your health in the first half of this period. Also, be more tactful with your comments.


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