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Monthly forecast of chinese horoscope

6th month
7th July - 6th August 2017


This month you will perform well at work. Your effort will be recognized by superiors. There is some gossips and conflict with people you deal with everyday. Hence, be more diplomatic and tactful with your comments. You are prone to cough and flu. If you have previous issue with urinal track and skin allergy, condition may flair up.


This month, you have excellent interpersonal relationship. You are with networking and expressing your ideas. Your body system gets heaty easily. Watch your diet and drink plenty of water is essential. You are prone to influenza.


You will start the month slow. But you will pick up the pace as the month progress. There are more responsibility and workload in the later part of this period. This is a good month to follow up with pending issues. You may neglect loved ones. Do spend more time with family or loved ones.


You will start the 6th month being busy at work. However, you are capable of completing your target or deadline well. You may develop many new ambitious ideas. Check back on your thoughts and planning is critical. There is also much discontentment. Learn to sort out your thoughts and speak about your dismay will help to resolve issues.


You will enjoy excellent interpersonal relationship. You will receive much help. Your network will lead you to new opportunity. However, You need to keep in mind to be slow and steady. Jumping steps may lead to failure or financial losses. You are prone to respiratory inflammation.


You will start the month in a slow pace. However, you will become busy with both work and domestic affairs in the second half of the month. You will encounter many minor health issues. Watch your diet and hygiene may help to reduce ailment.


This 6th month is a busy period for you. Continuous pile up workload may lead to stress and some issues. You are prone to digestion issues. There is also more gossips and conflicts. Learn to maintain level headed when confront with unfair comments. Don't forget to de-stress and keep an cheery mood to keep the woes away.


This is a favorable month for you. You will meet new opportunity in career and investments. This is an ideal time to execute new plans or enter into new contract. You may meet opposing forces along the way, but you will be able to overcome the difficulties. You need to be caution of safety, as you are prone to falls and knocks.


This 6th month is not an ideal time to execute new plans or enter new long term commitments. This is a period for review and re-assess. If you maintatin your focus, you will be able to resolve many issues. You have good interpersonal relationship. You will be well liked by people. Seek for advice and help will aid your progress.


This 6th month is a period to slow down and rest. This is an ideal month for you to reflect on the plans and re-organize or make more efficient the plans or project. This is not a good time to execute new plans. You are prone to digestive and skin ailment. Try to eat bland, if possible.


This 6th month bring some unexpected wealth or windfall. This month also favors your reputation. This will generate good comments about you. You will need more effort to complete your task. You need to watch your diet and have rest.


This 6th month seems to be a harvesting period for you. You will reap reward of your effort from the past months. You may also have your returns from your investments. Good financial planning during this period is essential as you may not retain your profit. You will need to beware of troublemakers. Keep a cheery mood will increase your immune.


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