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Monthly forecast of chinese horoscope

8th month
7th September - 7th October 2017


This month you will have excellent interpersonal relationship. Your ideas are well accepted and you will receive much help. There is also flower of romance. This is good for those who are single seeking for a partner. But for those who are married or attached, you will need self-discipline.


You are more pessimistic during this 8th month. Keep reminding yourself that situation are not as bad as you thought. Work matter is stable. And for those with variable income, you will gain more revenue by putting in more effort. Be caution of personal safety.


You will have excellent interpersonal relationship. Networking will bring you many opportunities. You need to react quickly and be focus to attain the best result. Be caution of personal safety, especially when travelling.


This month you will have a fantastic interpersonal relationship. And there is romance luck for those who are single. Work matters will progress well. This is not an ideal period for new or partnership investments. You are prone to sore throat and respiratory ailment.


This is a month filled with opportunity for you. Keep an open mind and talk to people if you are looking for new ideas or solution to an issue. Continuous networking is important. You will face some difficulties and differences with loved ones. Your heightening cheery mood is a boost to your immune system.


This is an unfavorable month for you. Avoid risk and avoid executing new plans. You will attract many gossips and conflict. Be tactful with comments and avoid limelight during this period. You need to be caution of diet as wrong food intake will cause you to fall ill.


This month you will need to depend a lot on your network to get things done. Your excellent interpersonal skill will be put to good use during this period. You should avoid giving comments or be involve in others dispute.


You will feel insecure and uncertain during this period. This is the most unstable month of the year. Avoid making any hasty decision or execute any new plans. Reflect on your ideas or plans is essential. Also, importantly, be extra caution of personal safety.


This is a favorable month for you, especially for "new beginning". This 8th month is good to execute new plans or projects. As you have strong interpersonal relationship during this period, you will receive much help. Continuous networking is essential.


This 8th month is good for routine work. And it is a month to practice patient. Expect some delay and halt on event or project matters. Avoid executing new plans or projects. Avoid new investments. Be caution of pesonal safety, especially when carrying out sport activities.


This is a month to slow down and take things easy. If possible, take a break would be good. This is not a productive period and not ideal to execute new plans. There will be more progress towards the end of the month. Look out for personal safety as you are prone to injury.


This 8th month brings changes for you. There might be changes or movement to your work routine. You will need a lot more effort to attain your objective. Consistence at work is important. You will also feel some instability in your temperament. De-stress during this period is essential.


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