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based on Sowa Rigpa 'the wisdom of healing' - the ancient medical tradition of Tibet and the High Himalayas using traditional Tibetan herbs and oils.

KU NYE - Traditional Tibetan Therapy

Relaxing Ku Nye Massage

60 minutes/S$140
90 minutes/S$210

Ku Nye is an essential aspect of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM), it is a therapeutic and nurturing therapy that affects mind-body-energy connection. The rejuvenating and restorative benefits are mentioned in many Tibetan medical texts. Some benefits include the elimination of toxins, increased vitality, reduction & alleviation of various types of pain, calming of nervous disorders including insomnia, depression & anxiety.
Session includes application of special herb oils, joint movements, use of heated or cold stones, specialized massage techniques to the muscles, tendons, meridian points and vital points of the body. Through Ku Nye massage, the elements and subtle energy of the body are balanced.


Therapeutic Ku Nye Therapy - Point Treatment
30 minutes/S$70
60 minutes/S$140

Focusing on specific pain or affected parts of the body. Session may include application of oils, joint movements, application of heated or cold stones, specialized massage techniques to the muscles, tendons, meridian points and vital points of the body.
Depending on the ailments, therapy may also include moxibustion, hot compress, cupping or stick therapy.



Traditional Tsampa Detoxification
120 minutes/S$270

A powerful detoxifying and cleansing treatment based on traditional Tibetan massage techniques to stimulate the lymphatic system. The first part of this treatment is a relaxing Ku Nye massage. The second part of the treatment is the application of tsampa, roasted barley powder blended with selected herbs, into the skin. The tsampa helps to absorb excess oil and is the traditional way to end a Tibetan massage in order to absorb toxins that have surfaced to the skin through the oil massage, leaving the skin soft, gently exfoliated, free of inner toxins, fully refreshed and uplifted.


DO NYE - Traditional Tibetan Hot Stone Massage
120 minutes/S$270

A heavenly combination of relaxing Ku Nye massage with hot stones! The application of heated river stones to vital points on the body, giving a deep massage and sense of comfort and warmth. The direct heat relaxes muscles, inducing a deeper state of relaxation and allowing greater muscular tension release than a regular massage.


Tibetan Stick Therapy
60 minutes/S$140

An ancient, therapeutic & exclusively Tibetan practice introduced by tantric yogis & developed through the combination of medicine & spiritual practices. The vibration from the tapping helps to eliminate illness and balance energies in a very natural way. Stick treatment produces deeper and more powerful effects than finger-pressures and is great for headaches, stiff neck, acute back pains, flatulence, intestinal problems, etc. It is also helpful for all illnesses and provocations, obstacles and nervous tension that can arise from some meditation and spiritual practices.


Tibetan bLA Energy Healing
60 minutes/S$140

The bLA (pronounced as La) energy is the pure energy of the five elements that pervades & constitutes our human body. It gives us strength, vigor, stability, clarity, satisfaction, bright complexion and harmonic development of the body. The bLA or protective energy circulates in our body according to the moon cycle. Through trauma or shock, we can lose this protective energy. Some symptoms include feeling of sadness, tiredness, anxiety, confusion, mental nervouseness and particularly, sudden and repeated awakenings, during sleep. This soft touch therapy with sound healing on bLA points increases wellbeing, send sadness away, helps in case of mental imbalances, rebalance the energies, gives relaxation and longevity.


Tibetan Chakra Rebalancing
60 minutes/S$140

For optimal energetic level! Subtle energy massage is mentioned in many Tibetan texts of the tantric Buddhism to protect the natural conditions of the yogis. Chakra rebalancing is based on the principle of synchronicity, combining visualization of the elemental symbols, colours and mantra recitation to bring energetic balance to the chakras.


1st consultation:
appr 30 to 50 mins/S$120 with short treatment

Subsequent consultations:
appr 20 mins/S$40 (without treatment)
appr 30 mins/S$70 (with short treatment)
appr 60 mins/S$140 (with long treatment)

Sowa rigpa is the art and science of healing of traditional Tibetan medicine, astronomy and astrology. It involves the proper alignment of the body, energy and mind into a state of equilibrium. The diagnostic techniques include visual observation, touch and case history. Treatment advice can be diet & lifestyle changes for support and prevention. Herbs and external therapies may also be recommended.